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The Restaurant, Food & Accommodation Register has been developed to simplify the purchasing of Products and Services in Australia. All sectors will be able to access your services through The Restaurant, Food & Accommodation Register which will help to streamline communications among all interested sectors.

I'm sure that, as a business operator you would be aware of the importance of quality and service being supplied to your clients. The aim of the Register therefore, is to professionally promote your business. Now that you have been invited to be included in The Restaurant, Food & Accommodation Register we anticipate your business will be accessed more easily.

Once you are included in The Restaurant, Food & Accommodation Register, your details will be placed onto the Internet at and all sectors will have knowledge of your presence. Your certificate of membership will endorse your registration and help lift the profile of your business. If you have a website or email address, direct links are provided. Please note while Government Departments are welcome to utilize our website the RFA is a separate entity.

The registration fee is $358.00 based annually with (GST) included. We would be most happy to answer any queries, so please don't hesitate to email us at

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